FlowCubetm Reservoir Modeling

OpenGeoSolutions spectral inversion provides a thresholded, seismic scale, subsurface layering solution that can be input to our FlowCubetmreservoir modeling software.

Our goal is to help you move towards real-time analysis and concurrent investigation of seismic characterization, geologic interpretation and reservoir simulation - to reduce uncertainty, dead ends and cycle time.

Our spectral technologies provide a view or reservoir architecture ie. a layering scheme of the subsurface. Using that 3D distribution of reservoir architecture as a reservoir model at that derived scale, you can proceed with a FlowCubetmfluid flow simulation to investigate scenarios that involve different production and injector placements. This reveals a dynamic view of connectivity, with the baffles, seals, bottlenecks, paths of least resistance exposed within the derived reservoir architecture. (Image courtesy of the SEG Distinguished Lecture Program )