Solutions Overview

Solutions start with a conversation about the project objectives / data issues, how we might be able to address them.... and a look at the data.

We have an embarrassingly large number of years of experience (200+ last we counted), looking at seismic, solving data issues and figuring out how to get the maximum geologic content from it. Did I mention we love looking at data?

We do have a strict "no black box" policy which means we can have an open discussion about our technology and how it might help you (Note: competitors need not apply). We can also give seminars and training about the theory and application of spectral methods, inversion, curvature, plus quite a few other topics.

Once the project scope is settled we embark on the work. Most projects are accomplished in 6-8 weeks, although depending on the queue, priority projects can be accomplished in a shorter time frame.

All our projects include full html based documentation, SEG-Y volumes, Navigators and project delivery / tech transfer discussions (as many as needed). Project delivery meetings are generally orderly affairs until we bring up the Navigators - at which point our customers get excited to see their geology come to life in real time, and we spend the rest of the meeting looking at what has been revealed. With typical projects now running 200+ volumes, and Navigators with 500,000+ images, there is a lot of results to review....and we generally have follow-up discussions a couple of weeks after the delivery.

And on-call support for one project often leads to the next......keeping the conversation going.