Greg Partyka

Greg Partyka received a degree in Geological Engineering from the University of Manitoba in 1987. From 1988 to 2007 he has worked for Amoco, then BP, in Canada, Poland, United States and United Kingdom. Greg joined OpenGeoSolutions in 2007.

He has moved back and forth between assignments in operations and technology. This mix of roles has allowed him to experience research, development, application, and just as importantly, the value that appropriate technology can bring to business decisions. Along the way, he has focused his efforts on multi-disciplinary problem solving and improving our ability to decipher geologic content embedded in seismic data.

In 1996, he deepened his knowledge of reservoir characterization by participating in an intensive, year-long petrophysics training program.

In 2003, Greg received the SEG Virgil Kauffman Gold Medal for his work on the development of the spectral decomposition technique for reservoir characterization. This technique has been implemented by many seismic contractors and has led to improved interpretation on many plays throughout the world. Within BP Greg collaborated with teams and individuals throughout the upstream organization, impacting BP's exploration and production activities worldwide.

In 2007, Greg joined OpenGeoSolutions and continues development and application of spectral decomposition and spectral inversion technologies that help our customers better define their exploration and development targets.


Greg's CSEG Interview "Be Passionate about what you do, remain open to new ideas, and never stop asking 'what if?'"