Simple Elastic InversionTM

Simple insight leads to new class of inversion technology read more

Multi-scale Curvature (regional to local)

No more "corduroy"..... read more

Kmean -1.0 alpha + SpecDiscTM Overlay
Data courtesy of Nexen and CNOOC

Dip Azimuth

Multi-scale Dip Azimuth helps unravel stratigraphy.
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Beam Dip Azimuth RGB
Data courtesy of Nexen and CNOOC

Spectral NavigatorTM

Intuitive visualization of project data
- Day of delivery access
- no data loading
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Data courtesy of Nexen and CNOOC


Videos and Presentations

Spectral NavigatorTM Demonstration - Exploring the full dimensionality of your data. Greg Partyka (13.4 min)

Use of quantitative Seismic Analysis to Define Reservoir Architecture and Volumes
- An Example from the giant Johan Sverdrup Field in Norway (Presentation 4.5MB) (Presentation and Notes 2.9MB)

Blockfilter WebApp - Simple forward modelling. Greg Partyka (6.4 min)

Sidelobes WebApp - Greg explains sidelobes and texas doubles. See if your impedance profiles generate sidelobes. (9.0 min)

Spectral Colour and Resolution WebApp - Greg explains the red, white and blue of seismic colour. (8.2 min)